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The following programs may be downloaded but will need to be authenticated by the hosting site before they will be activated. Click the link to install the program. When requested, click Run and follow the instructions for installation. To update an existing remote module please Click Here for download instructions


Once installed, follow the instructions from the host site for authentication.




CSUpdater The Center Stage Live updater is used to verify your support license, then compare your installed versions of CS software and if updates are available, we will backup your existing installation the download and install the updates.
CSReporter CSReporter is used to create and send copy to the host station for use on-air and/or posting on the station's web site.

CSScreener This is the remote Call Screener for use at remote locations with Telos equipment providing the remote host or producer access to the Telos phone system for remote broadcasts.

CSPlayList CSPlaylist Editor is used to create a playlist for recorded segments that is used to send now playing information to the various "RDS" outputs. Once downloaded and installed, you will need an authorization file from the host station to activate the program.

The following manuals are available in PDF format



Quick Start


This document discusses some items to consider before installing Center Stage Live. It also includes a brief description of the basic configuration for capturing now playing information from the radio automation system and sending the data to an RDS\RBDS encoder.

CSScheduler Quick Start

CSSchduler is the content scheduling module for Center Stage Live that is used to assign live copy to the on-air studios replacing hard copy books for Promos, PSA's, Tag's, etc. It can also be used to schedule content for the stations web site but the most common use is to schedule promotional, informational or commercial messages for data casting devices and services. The message can be scheduled by station, date, time of day and day of week. If desired, the event can be linked to an on-air event or set as a pre-emption for a specific date time and duration.   As such this document describes how to schedule messages and add artwork for use in DTS Connected RadioTM and HD RadioTM

The Artist Experience

This document contains the instructions for configuring CSScheduler to add station logos and artwork for use in HD Radio as well as the configuration settings for CSRDS to post artwork to the HD system via the DTS JMSAC module.


CS Contest Quick Start

This document discusses some item to consider before installing CS Contest Management. It also includes a brief description of the installation and configuration for scheduling contests and prizes, capturing winner/qualifier information and releasing prizes to the winner.


RDS Templates

This document describes how to create templates for use in CSRDS for updating now playing information to a web site, on-line stream or to format a playlist to the web site


CSPRM Quick Start

This document has the information to install and configure the CSPRM module to capture metadata from the PRSS Content Depot MetaPub service. It also has a brief description on how to configure CSRDS to post the MetaPub data.

Web Forms

This document details the format in which scheduled copy is sent from the Center Stage Live system to the stations web site

CSScreener Quick Start

This document has an overview of the CS Call Management package along with information on CS Call Management installation and configuration.


This is the user guide for the Center Stage Playlist editor.



This is the User Guide for CSReporter with installation and authentication instructions as well as details on using CSReporter



Installation and authentication procedures for CSRemote


On-Line Brochures



Plug-in for Center Stage Live 8.5 or Higher and CS Contest Management 5.2 or higher to post selected content to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Center Stage Live/CSRDS

Center Stage Live -- RDS\RBDS, HD Radio, Web Sites, Streams and Paperless Studio

CS Call Management

CS Call Management - Call Screening for Telos Systems


CS Contest Management

CS Contest Management -- Paperless Contest/Prize scheduling and control

CS Interactive

CS Interactive -- Automated file transfers

CS Copy Management

CS Copy Management -- Paperless Script writing and production scheduling



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