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Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) MetaPub Processing




Public Radio now provides metadata for several public radio programs including Classical 24, Morning Edition, Morning Edition Saturday, Morning Edition Sunday and All Things Considered. Using CSPRM stations can schedule the days and times when they are airing the program and CSPRM will capture the now playing information from the PRSS Metapub Distribution site.




Each program can be scheduled by Station, Date, Day of Week and Time of Day. During the scheduled period CSPRM will capture the metadata and send it to CSRDS. A single instance of CSRDS will monitor the various CSPRM downloads and post the scheduled events to RDS\RBDS, HD Radio, the Artwork to HD Radio, Web Sites, Streaming Services, Web Services, such as TagStation/Next Radio, TuneIn, and/or other applications.


Time Shifting

CSPRM provides three options for Time Zones and Time Shifting.  If the Eastern Time Zone and Time Shift fields are not selected CSPRM will capture the metadata for the event currently on-air in the Eastern Time Zone.


Selecting the Eastern Time Zone will capture the metadata altering the current time to the Eastern Time Zone. For Example at 2:15pm Pacific Time will request the program running at 2:15 Eastern time.


Entering a Time Shift period, CSPRM will capture the metadata for the event based on the current time minus the time shift period. For Example, if a time shift of 2 hours 30 min is entered and we are airing the program at 4pm CSPRM will capture the metadata for 1:30pm Eastern.


Metadata Search

The CSPRM Metadata Search option will accept the date and time and capture the program metadata for the selected period based on Eastern time.


Metadata Logiing

To assist with configuration and troubleshooting, CSPRM records the metadata as it is received which can be viewed in CSPRM.





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