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The November 2014 update has been posted and ready for download.  If you have an active support license run your CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater. For stations without an active support license contact your supplier or Arctic Palm Sales to activate your support license.


The Update Module will verify your support license, check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the latest updates.


Featured Updates in this Release


Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live

Environment Canada

Web Link

Environment Canada has updated their web pages to be more compatible with mobile devices which also effected the CSWeather Parsing routines. As such, CSWeather has been modified to use the new formats for both the English and French forecasts. The URL links remain the same and updating to the new version will correct the formatting issues.



The CSWeather module has been modified to accept the serial feed from the Sage EAS unit. Once configured, CSWeather will monitor the serial feed looking for EAS messages. When a message is received the code will be used to determine if the message should be added to the Data Casting processes. Code 1 are always used, Code 2 are optional and Code 3 are ignored.

The Serial message is a detailed item listing several areas and it far to long for use in Data casting devices and services. As such, CSWeather will parse the message adding a user definable message and schedule the message into the display until the end time specified in the feed. For example the RDS\RBDS message may be:

"Tornado Warning for our immediate Listening area until 8PM"

The full text will be updated to the Center Stage Live On-Air module which can be used by on-air talent to repeat the warning or refer to the details as required.


Content Notice:

EAS along with the weather links are controlled by the content provider and may change without warning which may cause the message to be lost. We will make every attempt to correct these issues when notified.



CSRDS now supports DAB and DRM digital radio formats for both PAD and Images via the Sendlabel+ and SendImage+ modules available from your content server.


Similar to the Artist Experience processes for HD Radio the DAB/DRM processes capture the data casting message along with the associated artwork and send it to your DAB/DRM system via these modules.



Support for both iHeartRadio and Commotion have been added to CSRDS via pre-defined templates included in the install set. To post data to these system's enter the link in the HD/IP Output configuration tab, select the appropriate template and set format (iHeart or Use Template)


Crown Encoder

Support for the built in RDS\RBDS encoder in the Crown Transmitter has been added. Currently this encoder only support Dynamic PS and a Static Radio Text message. However, Dynamic Radio Text is expected in a future firmware update.

CS Contest Management
Contest Specific Disclaimers/Releases

The CS Contest Maintenance module has been updated to allow for multiple user definable disclaimers which are assigned to each contest as required. Once assigned, the selected disclaimer will be used for every winner of that contest.

Disclaimers, may also be selected as the winner collects their prize. For example there may be one disclaimer/release for an underage winner and a different disclaimer/release for an adult winner.


Previous Win Notice

When a listener is selected, their previous win history is displayed. Based n the Win Limit set in the system configurations, if this listener has one within the period the win count for the station is shown in red. This has been expanded to include wins on other stations within the system.


CS Copy Management
Talent E-Mail

The Talent/Voice configuration has been modified to include the e-mail address which is used in the CSProducer module to e-mail individuals with a list of the scripts they need to record.


CS Interactive


File Monitoring

The option to monitor sub-directories has been added to CSSync. When used, CSSync will copy files matching the file mask for the root and subdirectories specified in the configuration.



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