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CSSocial is a new plug-in for both Center Stage Live and CS Contest Management that will automatically post selected items along with Hash Tags and URL links to Twitter.


Center Stage Live (CSRDS)


CSSocial provides additional functionality to the RDS and Data Casting processes. Working in conjunction with our CSRDS module, the selected items will be posted to Twitter as they are displayed on RDS\RBDS encoders, updated to web sites, shown on HD Radio systems or on-line streaming players.


The Center Stage copy Scheduler “CSScheduler”, has two options for selecting what to post and adding additional content that may not be available otherwise.


Social Media Song List is a new function in CSScheduler used to select what songs to post. For a general playlist social media account, we can select to send all songs and if desired, use the artist name as the hash tag. For more specific accounts, we may want to limit the postings to featured artists or songs. When this option is used, we can set specific Hash Tags and add a URL to link the posting to a page on our web site, link to a special event page, or to a contest page.


Extended Data Content is another new function in CSScheduler used to add data to an event that may not be available from our automation system. Using the Extended Data Content (EDC) category, we can schedule the event by station, date, time of day and day of week along with the “trigger” that will determine when the data is used.


The "trigger" can be the audio ID (Cart Number), or information contained in the artist name or song title data provided by the automation system. When that event is played in the automation system, the event will be posted to the RDS and Data Casting services as well as the Twitter accounts.


For Example, when the News cart is played, the News Sponsor message can be posted.


RDS and Data Casting Message:

The Arctic Palm News Update www.arcticpalm.com


Social Media Message:

Social Media is here and so are you with CSSocial From Arctic Palm #arcticpalm arcticpalm.com/sm.htm



As an extension of the RDS and Data Casting Service we can define one message for the RDS Data Casting process and a second message for Social Media as well as the Hash Tag and a URL link to a web page. Since this information is also available for the RDS and Data Casting processes we have also added several URL links to graphics such as a logo, alternate media files (audio or Video), and an alternate artwork graphic. When triggered, this information can be uploaded to the station’s web site and/or on-line streaming player.


CS Contest Management


CS Contest Management has been updated to include social media options that can be added to a contest/prize schedule.  We simply mark the contest for posting winner information on twitter. Like songs and Extended Data Content, we can also add a Hash Tag and URL link.


When the winner entry is entered in the CS Contest On-Air module, the system will post the winning entry for use in CSRDS to post on the RDS and Data Casting Services and to CSSocial for posting on Twitter.


For Example:

Congratulations Mark our Hit of the Day Winner


Since contests are often pre-recorded, these messages will be delayed allowing time for the contest to be aired before posting to the RDS, Data Casting or Social Media services.




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